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     Lobster Lair

    Lobster Lair is another diving spot that is on top because of its excellent healthy coral and several other macro species including lobsters swimming around its waters. It is located in the south of Hanging Gardens. It is less popular among other diving sites in and around Mataking because it is more of a critter/varmint or a wild thing hunting dive. Divers really not go there to see some bug stuff while they are diving; hence, they are more of hunting some wild things underwater as they dive. In the coral abyss or opening, divers can find all number of crustaceans which includes lobsters. Lobsters are not the only one that can be found, there are also seahorses, leaf fishes, pipe fishes, and frogfishes. Not only that, scorpion fishes and lion fishes can also be found.

    There are lots of things to be discovered underwater in Lobster Lair aside from its name (Lobster). There are also species that could be spotted which are unfamiliar and unusual. Shallower diving is a better site because it the time where the diver can explore the cracks and the crevices which mainly became the house of marine creatures present in the island.

    Lobster Lair can be considered as photographer’s new wonderland and heaven. Anytime they could capture giant frog fishes in slope areas as well as shrimps and crabs. If they are lucky enough, they can also find pygmy seahorses. Still, it is not always safe to dive there for the reason that sometimes leopard sharks visit the site, lucky if sharks are spotted.

    The diving site’s depth ranges from 10 meters up to 30 meters and its visibility from 10 to 25 meters. Currents are occasional but the best months to dive in Lobster Lair is from February to December. Guests, tourists and divers can reach Lobster Lair through a boat from nearby islands. The diver’s level should be advanced or with experience in open water diving. Lobster Lair is a nice site to dive in provided you know the rules and the things that should not be done and should be done underwater. Before diving you have to be properly geared up.

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